Star in motion

Star In Motion


Shining bright atop the Kingdom Tower, Koert Vermeulen’s Star in Motion illuminates the skies above Riyadh while subconsciously underscoring the festival’s theme, Under One Sky. In spirituality, the symbolism of stars is the knowledge of good and truth. Throughout the world, in most major religions, stars represent the luminaries that gleam, glow and flicker throughout the heavens. Stars emit streams of light into our atmosphere and reflect a collaborative understanding of genuine solidarity and honesty, shining for all eternity. Stars are universal connectors, bringing harmony and unity around the world, reminding us we are all under one sky. The artwork establishes a powerful link between the city, activated by Noor Riyadh’s light installations, the night sky above it, and the whole world, standing out as a brilliant beacon of hope and celebration for Noor Riyadh 2021.

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