Universtiy Of The Future

University of the future World Expo 2022


Experience a captivating journey that redefines higher education. Set sail on a personal exploration, enveloped by the shifting hues of the Arabian Desert. Drawing inspiration from a cherished UAE tradition, immerse yourself in the ocean’s depths to uncover a mystical pearl—a beacon of knowledge and a testament to your journey. Navigate through a swirling sandstorm, witness a mirage, and discover an oasis, each element crafted to reignite your passion for continuous learning. Revel in the power of teamwork, amplifying your potential under a canopy of twinkling stars, all before welcoming a radiant new dawn. I had the privilege to work as the lighting and experience designer for this pavilion, specifically for the United Arab Emirates University at the Dubai World Expo 2020. A 360° tour of the mesmerizing space can be accessed here.

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