My passion lies in multimedia stage design where I seek to combine space with form, material, digital media as well as light to explore exciting spatial and narrative experiences thus attaining what I consider my ultimate goal: creating lasting moments and treasured memories for people and audiences.

With combined degrees in Recording Arts, Digital Media and Interior Design, I sought a multidisciplinary skill set in a non-existent curriculum. Over the course of my career I have worked freelance on concepts and designs for not only competitions and public tenders, but also retail and private housing.

I have gradually built up the title of ‘media space designer’ working on custom creative and harmonious solutions in the realm of broadcasting, media installation, set design and stage design which allowed me to refine my expertise in the design field and reinforce my interest in the combining of form, aesthetics, function, media and technology.

In recent years, lighting design, show design, media design, storytelling and experience design have become key components of my daily design work.

I can be a dedicated and introverted designer bringing my personal creative visions to the fore within my specific expertise.

However, as a senior designer, I operate not only as a designer, but also take on the role of a team leader. This new role instilled in me new skills that range from coordinating medium and large scale projects from a broader design perspective, to channeling overall creative vision within the team composed of project, lighting/show, and graphic designers, as well as technical directors, while ensuring the budget and planning were promptly respected.

My passion for design goes beyond my work, as I constantly explore and get involved in the music, music production, digital arts, architecture, graphic design and the arts in general


2021 / Sindalah / Tour & Taxis Garden / Viermeren / Béziers / Star Vision 2030 / RSCA / 100 Houses / Aseer Light Festival /

2020 / Qatar light festival Doha / FIFA 2020 Clock Qatar / NOOR festival Riyadh / Canakkale bridge Turkey / Galaxy Macau / Brasserie Surrealiste / Bright Brussels / Brugge Light Festival /

2019 / Zenith Stadium St Petersburg / UAE Pavillion of the Future Expo 2020 / Museum Beeld en Geluid / B-Mine / Kattemeya Mall Cairo /

2018 / Edge Of Governement Dubai / L1 Maastricht / Antwerp Diamond dome / AS Adventure / Aalter Smart City Furniture / UCB Atrium Wall /

2017 / Arkaos Stand / Facom truck/ Atlas Copco modularity  / Studio Den Haag / NOS-NTR broadcast studio / Hasselt Wit / De Stoel VR / CTRL ALT ESC / Genk Burencontacten /

2016 / Luxibel fair stand / Nos Studio 10 / Omroep Friesland / Bridgestone VR / M.A.C Beauty Tomorrowland /  Omroep Brabant

2015 / Beursschouwburg / Luxibel / Wielermuseum / Sound of Light / Tomorrowland / Miumiu / studio 100 /

2014 /Honeybot / Avondgasten / Kongsberg / Dreamville / 123piano / ZAPP weekjournaal / Roche / 360 Aalst /

2013 /  Jamie Lidell / Invade / Omroep Venlo / Omrop Fryslan / Diamantmuseum / Nieuwsuur / De Twaalfde Man/

2012 / NOS / Belgacom TV / Omroep Brabant / NOS Den Haag /


Concept creation and ideation /  Multimedia scenography / Creative direction / Design presentation and communication / Design implementation / 3D design modelling and visualisation / All-around design skills / Technical drawing and CAD / Audiovisual skills / Music production /


Vectorworks / Autocad / Cinema 4D / 3DSMax / Fusion360 / Maxwell Render / Photoshop / Indesign / Illustrator / After effects/ Premiere /Lightroom / Resolume / Touchdesigner / Logic / Protools / Ableton / Reason /

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